What Is Under The League?

I decided to create Under The League so that fans of non-league clubs could have a central place to read and write about their favourite club, or about anything happening in the world of non-league football. There seemed to be a gap in them blogging market for such a site.

I support Hampton & Richmond Borough myself, as they are my local non-league club, and I wanted to be able to take my son to watch football. As a result, I now find myself wanting to get involved in the goings-on under the league ladder, and so this blog was born.

There will be new articles and reports every couple of days, both from myself, and from our growing team of writers. So be sure to check back often so you don’t miss out on anything!

I am always looking for writers and contributors to provide articles, match reports and any other stories about their favourite club, league, player or any aspect of the non-league pyramid. Interested in contributing? Good, the details are below.

You can follow the blog on twitter, by clicking this link. Alternatively, email undertheleague@gmail.com if you want to send in a contribution or join the blog as a regular writer, or to point me in the direction of a story you want covering.

Unfortunately, like crime, blogging doesn’t pay, and so there is no remuneration for articles!

Thanks for reading this, and get involved!

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