Kurtis Guthrie Interview: Right to Reply

Under The League is happy to publish the following statement from Bath City Football Club regarding our interview on the site with Kurtis Guthrie.

Joint statement from Bath City FC Ltd, and Manda Rigby, ex chairman of Bath City FC Ltd.


A recent article relating to an interview with Kurtis Guthrie has been brought to the Club’s attention. At Bath City, we have for many years cherished our reputation for fair play and in spite of our limited finances we have always honoured our commitment to players and cannot remember any individual leaving during the last ten years other than on the best of terms with the Club and its management.


Hence, it was surprising to read comments apparently made by Kurtis relating to his poor treatment by the Club. In our recollection he signed for us as a nineteen year old from Accrington as a result of his former club asking us to give him a trial, given that he would like to live with his sister in Bath. His financial requirements were particularly difficult for us to achieve but we managed to provide him with something that he found acceptable on a monthly basis. He was with us for approximately three months and in that time the big issue in securing his services on a long term basis was our ability to obtain him accomodation.

The then chairman, Manda Rigby, tried particularly hard to obtain a flat for him to get him settled in the environment, but due to his high standards this proved to be difficult. He initially said he would live with his sister, but this did not work out. Manda then found him accommodation at the university, which she paid for out of her own pocket, as a gift not a loan, but despite this being accommodation Olympic athletes stayed in, Kurtis found it beneath his standards. Manda then thought that as a 19 year old it may be advantageous for him to live with a local family, and several offers were forthcoming, but Kurtis did not welcome the suggestion. None of the then squad felt they could offer him accommodation share, but the management team managed to put him up and feed him on occasion. We then found three flats in Bath he could live in, but Kurtis rejected living in Twerton and would only consider flats in the centre of town which was just not affordable by the club, and indeed would be unfair on other players were we to fund it. Manda also managed to obtain Kurtis usage of an exclusive local gym at no cost to him.


We believe that the sole reason for him seeking pastures new was the accommodation issue which unfortunately we were unable to solve. Much to our disappointment he left to join Welling but we felt that there was no animosity in the arrangements that were made on his behalf.


Since leaving Kurtis has been in touch with the Club and management and assistance was sought when he was looking to find a new Club, so it was particularly disappointing to read these comments on his time at the Club. The university has also been in touch with the club to chase over extensive unpaid car parking fines as Kurtis believed owing to his car having Jersey plates, he would be able to park anywhere and not be traced. We are pleased to see that Kurtis has continued to progress since leaving us and wish him continued success in his career.


Adrian Britton, on behalf of Bath City FC


Manda Rigby

We apologise to Manda Rigby and Bath City Football Club for any embarrassment or distress that stemmed from our interview with Kurtic Guthrie, although we do stress that the published interview was a direct transcript of an interview conducted with the player.


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Hey, I'm James and I'm relatively new to non-league football, having only taken in my first match in September 2011. Despite it being a 0-4 defeat for Hampton & Richmond Borough, I became a huge fan of the club and NL in general. So much so that they are now the first club that I mention when talking about which team I support! I just got massively disillusioned with top flight football in this country and the attitudes of the lawmakers and top clubs in general, and I wanted to start taking my son to see decent football. I am now the club's Deputy Press Officer, and loving every minute!

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