Podcast 41 Out Now

The first podcast ahead of the new season is now available to download. There is only one news story to cover, as we try and get our heads around the debacle at Salisbury City. I’m not sure we do a great job of it to be honest!

Elsewhere, it’s that time of year; predictions. Myself, Rob and Kristan predict (guess) who will win the titles from Steps 1-4. We shall revisit these ill advised psychic episodes at the end of the season to see who was least useless!

To download this episode or any of the previous forty, or to listen online, simply follow this link to the podcast website.

If you have your own predictions for any of nonleague’s divisions, get in touch and let us know. And if you like the show, please leave a review on iTunes, as it really does help bring the show to the attention of new ears. Or better yet, tell a friend or colleague about us.

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About James Bartaby

Hey, I'm James and I'm relatively new to non-league football, having only taken in my first match in September 2011. Despite it being a 0-4 defeat for Hampton & Richmond Borough, I became a huge fan of the club and NL in general. So much so that they are now the first club that I mention when talking about which team I support! I just got massively disillusioned with top flight football in this country and the attitudes of the lawmakers and top clubs in general, and I wanted to start taking my son to see decent football. I am now the club's Deputy Press Officer, and loving every minute!

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