James Smith’s Fundraising Campaign

Wealdstone FC sports therapist James Smith has thought of a unique way to raise money for his 8 year old nephew Sam. Sam suffers from quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, meaning that he is restricted to a wheelchair.

James is raising money for a life skills fund for Sam which will be used to make sure obtaining life skills equipment for Sam will be that bit easier. To do this he is asking football fans nationwide to dig out any unwanted replica shirts, which can then be resold via internet auction website and a sports shirt dealer who approached him directly after media coverage. James said “Many people including myself have old shirts in their lofts that they will probably never look at or ever use again. Money can be made from selling these replica shirts, although we know we will not make thousands from them, we are confident collectors and supporters of these teams will buy them and it will add up to a good amount to help Sam.”

James has so far had an excellent response to the campaign, using methods such as twitter, as well as articles in the local press to help promote the campaign, with strangers as far as Yarmouth offering to help. He said “Some of the gestures have been amazing and I cannot thank those people enough, however I will not take it for granted and think that people will donate naturally, I aim to carry on the campaign for some time yet”

Sam has attended a few Wealdstone games with his family and two years ago the club had a Cerebral Palsy awareness day where he was also mascot. As he gets older and bigger Sam will need extra care and attention, new wheelchairs and other modified equipment to help him live as normal life as he can.

Sam loves watching football and also plays wheelchair basketball but he will probably never play the able bodied versions of the games.

“Funding for wheelchairs and equipment for Sam is very hard to find, although he does get some small amounts it is not enough and will be harder to find over the years. Sam is a bright lad and takes everything in his stride but there is no doubt as his need for independence grows he will need more and more support. A lot of funding has come from events organised by family and friends, without that Sam would not be able to lead the life his family would like” said James.

If you have any unwanted football shirts you would like to donate please contact James via email: jamesyharrow@aol.com or twitter: @jimmysmith_76.


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