Non League Sides In The FA Cup – Is The Romance Dead?

As I was sat at my computer I happened to notice that the ITV had released their TV schedule for the FA Cup third round which looks like this –

Saturday 7 January

Birmingham City v Wolverhampton Wanderers (12.30pm) – Live on ESPN

Bristol Rovers v Aston Villa (5.30pm) – Live on ESPN

Sunday 8 January 2012

Manchester City v Manchester United (1.00pm) – Live on ITV1

Peterborough United v Sunderland (3.30pm) – Live on ITV1

The draw for the Fourth Round Proper will follow this tie at approx 5.30pm on ITV1

Monday 9 January 2012

Arsenal v Leeds United (7.45pm) – Live on ESPN

No Non league sides in sight which for me seemed very peculiar since Tamworth have a huge tie against Premier League Everton and Wrexham will play Brighton and Hove Albion but apparently these weren’t seen as big enough ties.

Is that not what the FA Cup is about ? The David and Goliath stories ?

ITV is quite happy to remind us and show us footage of Non league sides doing the impossible in the 80’s but now when it comes to screening a potential giant killing such as Everton Vs Tamworth they turn it down.

Perhaps this is because ITV’s commentators don’t understand Non League football and as such they have to throw up the same fact that Non league players are part time every five minuets but I’d like to remind them that Non league football is the back bone of English football and should be treated with respect not hidden away in a corner.

The English people love a David and Goliath story and its well documented that we love cheering on the under dog so are ITV perhaps worried that Everton vs Tamworth wouldn’t pull any viewers ? If they are then they are sadly mistaken as I can only speak for myself but I’d much rather watch a Non league side with a potential giant killing than a match between Sunderland and Peterborough.

I shall finish this little rant by sending my best wishes to Tamworth and the other Non League sides still in the FA Cup and say thank you as you are representing real football in a good light and if ITV are either to stubborn or stupid to understand then it is their loss.

This article has been duplicated with permission from The Matlock Fan, a great site for lower league news, and news and reports from Matlock Town FC.

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