Richard Offiong alleges Lee McEvilly racially abused him during Blyth Vs Colwyn Bay game

Richard Offiong has made claims on twitter that he was racially abused by Lee McEvilly in the Blyth Spartans Vs Colwyn Bay game.

Offiong alleges that McEvilly said to him “where’s your bunch of bananas, show me your passport” and has gone on to claim that team mates of his heard the abuse and that in the past he has reported abuse but nothing has being done about the matter.

My personal view of this is that its sad that in such a multicultural world that racism is something that still goes on and if McEvilly is found guilty of saying these things then he should be banned from the game for life.

Regarding Offiong’s claims that he has reported matters in the same vein of this topic in the past and nothing has happened is not only worrying if true but not good enough either as we rely on the FA to make football a fun and safe enviroment where people should be judged on how they play football and not their race.

James Griffiths


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